UWB Real Time Location System


  • High Speed and High Accuracy Real Time Location System with Impulse UWB technologies.
  • Less Than 1cm accuracy.
  • Simple but accurate Ranging Architecture with GIT’s TOA (Time Of Arrival).
  • Three Dimensional (3D) Location Capability.   


Small UWB Tag

UWB Anchor

UWB POE Anchor

UWB Starter Kit

  • Provide 2 tags and 4 anchors as standard starter kit.
  • Flexible to different configuration.
  • Standard Location Engine is included in Starter Kit.
  • Support either on-premises or cloud environment.
  • Two (2) types of anchors. POE mode and Wifi mode.
  • Rental kit is available upon request.

Customized UWB Tag Examples

UWB Tag with 2 channels

Wrist Type UWB Tag

UWB Cradle for Smartphone (Right)

UWB Cradle for Tablet

Small UWB Tag

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