UWB Module

UWB Transceiver Module with Base Band

UWB Transceiver Module
with Mod/Demod function

  • Embedded Base Band Function
  • For customers develops UWB Location Systems and UWB Data Systems.
  • High Band (7.25GHz-10.25GHz).
  • Low UWB emission power fits for Medical and Healthcare applications.
  • Module Size : 49mm x 31mm x 4mm


  • UWB Transceiver Module with Modulation/Demodulation function.
  • SPI or parallel interface Power down mode
  • On board thermal sensor Easy to implement UWB system.
  • Embedded TOA/TWR for ranging.
  • Ranging accuracy is less than 1cm.
  • Libraries for Raspberry Pi, Arduino will be available soon.

UWB Transceiver Module

UWB Transceiver Module(GA00417)

  • High Band UWB Transceiver Mofule (7.25GHz-10.25GHz).
  • For customers develops your own UWB System.
  • Full Band module is also available upon request (3.1GHz-10.6GHz).
  • Module Size : 35mm x 20mm x 4mm


  • Impulse UWB generation triggered by digital signal.
  • Digital pulse output from Received UWB signal.
  • Optional Analog output
  • Embedded Switch
  • Power down mode
  • On board thermal sensor