Location System

GIT Offers various Location Systems

1.UWB Real Time Location System

2.RFID Location System

3.Wide Area Hybrid Location System

UWB Real Time Location System


  • High Speed and High Accuracy Real Time Location System with Impulse UWB technologies.
  • Less Than 1cm accuracy.
  • Simple but accurate Ranging Architecture with GIT’s TOA (Time Of Arrival).
  • Three Dimensional (3D) Location Capability.   

UWB Tag for Starter Kit

UWB Anchor for Starter Kit
  • Provide 2 tags and 4 anchors as standard starter kit.
  • Flexible to different configuration.
  • Standard Location Engine is included in Starter Kit.
  • Support either on-premises or cloud environment.
  • Two (2) types of anchors. POE mode and Wifi mode.
  • Rental kit is available upon request.

Customized UWB Tag Examples

UWB Tag with 2 channels
Wrist Type UWB Tag
UWB Cradle for Smartphone (Right)
UWB Cradle for Tablet

Small UWB Tag

RFID Location System

  • Active RFID Tag.
  • Battery life is over one (1) year with standard usage.
  • Over 50m ranging capability.
  • High Reliable connection with Wireless Mesh Network architecture.
RFID Reader


  • Location System with active RFID tag.
  • Support both outdoor and indoor installation.
  • IP65 compliant reader enclosure.
  • Connection reliability improvement with Wireless Mesh Networking.
  • Location engine under cloud environment.

Wide Area Hybrid Location System



  • Hybrid Location System with UWB Real Time Location System and RFID Location System.
  • High Speed and High Accuracy area covered by UWB Real Ttime Location System.
  • Wider area and out door covered by RFID Location System.
  • Lower power consumption by co-use of RFID.
  • Improved connection reliability by Wireless Mesh Networking.
  • Enable unified data management under cloud environment.